Dal 1° Marzo 2022 la Banca Centrale d’Egitto richiede pagamenti solo tramite Lettere di Credito in cui è richiesto, tra i vari documenti per la negoziazione, un Certificato di Ispezione emesso da un ente di terza parte. SGS è autorizzata ad emettere i Certificati richiesti tramite una ispezione random visual quality and quantity a fronte di proforma, packing list, lettera di credito, e concomitante assistenza al carico dei container e sigillatura degli stessi.

Starting from 1st March 2022 the Central Bank of Egypt has applied a new instruction to all banks in Egypt over all Egypt imports from abroad as per below:

  • All imports from abroad central bank will stop approving its payment collection documents as long as its value exceeds 5000 USD.
  • All imports above 5000 USD must open a L\C with third party inspection certificate to be accepted by Banks/customs.  

Some exceptions have applied over these instructions as per below points,

  1. Products of dairies, strategic products (grains), medicines are exempted from this instructions.
  2. Multinational companies which have an affiliates in Egypt managed by local administration are exempted.
  3. All shipments under draw-back system will be exempted.
  4. Live animals and poultry are exempted from this instructions.
  5. Courier shipments are exempted.

Fonte: SGS Société Générale de Surveillance