SCS Venturini srl is able to arrange shipments by sea in import and export of full containers (FCL) of different sizes (20 ‘, 40’, 40’HC, etc.) and types (Dry, Reefer, Open Top, etc.) using selected carriers for each individual route according to the space availability and reliability of services.

Our operating department, always updated and with a big experience in the field, constantly monitors the containers and always advice to our customers possible solutions to decrease the maximum transit times and costs.

In order to make our service more complete, we implemented the “TRACKING ON-LINE”, a tool with which the user can monitor, in an reserved area, the status of his shipments and check the relative documentation.

Through our advice office, we also offer to all customers free assistance in:

  • correct customs classification
  • correct duty information
  • appropriate documentation for customs purposes and marketing of products in the EU.

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Ocean Container Dimension

Container Dimension
20′ Dry5,93 mt.2,33 mt.2,35 mt.
40′ Dry11,90 mt.2,33 mt.2,35 mt.
40′ High Cube11,90 mt.2,33 mt.2,68 mt.
20′ Dry2,33 mt.2,25 mt.
40′ Dry2,33 mt.2,25 mt.
40′ High Cube2,33 mt.2,57 mt.
 Max Gross WeightTarePayloadCube Capacity
20′ Dry24,000 kg or 30480 kg2220 kg or 2300 kg21,780 kg or 28180 kg30 cbm
40′ Dry30,480 kg3880 kg26,600kg60 cbm
40′ High Cube30,480 kg3880 kg26,600 kg70 cbm
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Roberta Castelli

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