SCS Venturini, through its extensive network of foreign correspondents, is able to provide a service in Air Import and Export to and from all over the world, with very short delivery times.

Our specialized staff, will discuss with you the best solution to best meet your needs, thanks to a wide range of services:

  • Door to door
  • From the warehouse to destination Airport
  • Cross Trade
  • Economy Service with trans-shipment
  • Direct Service
  • Express Service
  • Transport of dangerous goods, of controlled temperature merchandise and of valuables.

… And always ensuring best services with best price to our customers.

Through our counseling office, we offer to all our customers who entrust us their shipments, free assistance in:

  • right customs classification
  • right duty imposition and any exemptions or concessions
  • proper documentation for customs purposes and marketing of products in the EU.

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Roberta Castelli

Roberta Castelli

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