Tax Representation

Foreign companies, without a permanent establishment in Italy or in the EU, can perform commercial activities in both the European Union and in Italy, only fulfilling the VAT obligations.

The non-resident entity (the entity who resides in another EU Member State)  may identify oneself with VAT at the Collecting Agency, or otherwise appoint a Fiscal Representative.

The SCS Venturini srl, through specialized professionals, assists non-resident enterprises in all acts necessary for the opening of a VAT location and all the duties of an accounting nature, such us:

  • Appointment of the Fiscal Representative, by a registration for VAT
    • Public act
    • Private deed recorder
    • The noted letter for the  Internal Revenue/Collecting Agency
  • Accounting for VAT
  • Periodic payment tax, quarterly on monthly
  • Request VAT refunds from Revenue Agency
Mariaester Venturini

Mariaester Venturini

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Mariaester Venturini