Searching for contacts

The service is opened to all companies wishing to buy or sell their products in China.

SCS Venturini srl is able to draw up a short list on the basis of specific indications dictated by your company.

The methods of supply this service are varied and you can choose yourself if you want to manage the contact independently or avail of our consultancy.

What we can do for your company is:
• Search for potential partners / suppliers
• Translation into Chinese of product information to be presented and/or to purchase
• Sending mail / newsletter in a specific language to potential partners / suppliers
• Assistance on samples’ shipments
• Ensure, through our legal department, the accuracy of commercial contract
• Management of logistics shipping to and from China

Stefano De Angelis

Stefano De Angelis

China Assistant

Telefono: +39 0733 466176

Cina: +86 139 1843 9437

Reparto Cina