The SCS Venturini srl in Italy operates in the field advice and assistance in customs matters, fiscal and foreign trade.

Having a staff of personnel Italian, Chinese and Spanish with experience in imports and exports in China, the SCS Venturini  offers a full service and tailor made for all companies wishing to buy or sell their products.

You can then ask to SCS Venturini all information relating to the duties, Chinese customs aspects and related practices.

There are some of the questions that may arise and to which we can answer:

  • How does the Chinese market operate for the product that I’m going to import or export?

Are there similar products on the market? What is the price?

  • Is the supplier that I have identified in possession of license for export to Italy? If he is not in possession, Can I also import the product and in which way?
  • is the Chinese customer who buys one of my good able to clear my product? What is made the more suitable terms for the goods in order to protect themselves better? In that way, the choice of Incoterms affects the shipment and the contract?
  • What is the documentation required to be able to sell properly in China without any locks? Are there no laws or regulations governing the product of my interest? What are the duties applicable to my product in Italy or in China?
Stefano De Angelis

Stefano De Angelis

China Assistant

Phone: +39 0734 466176

China: +86 139 1843 9473

China Department