About us

SCS Venturini is a full-service forwarding company specialized in international freight shippings to and from Far East and Eatern Europe.

SCS was founded almost 10 years ago as an offshoot of the company Centro Spedizionieri Doganali actives in the customs services in which the member Mariaester Venturini want to believe since 2003 in the importance of freight traffic with China. Assist companies in moving goods with transport organization had already the work done in the 60s By Danilo Venturini and the new frontiers opened to China in early 2000 gave rise to new Italian companies’ needs.

Over the years, the SCS Venturini has developed independently, thanks to his initial experience which has given the connotation that distinguishes it from its competitors: a special care to the customs management of shipments.

At present its customs fame is even more enhance.

Mrs Mariaester Venturini is the current member of the SCS Venturini and customs broker for 40 years. She is expert in the field of Unioncamere Lombardia as well as active in seminars and consultations for both primary companies involved in the international markets for both public bodies, had added a new branch dedicated to the customs services and consulting for business.



Scs International puts at the center of their professional activities the growing satisfaction of all its wide variety of clients, through the provision of high quality services in accordance with the requirements.

To achieve this ambitious target, in 2012 the company has successfully undertaken achieved a Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, in recognition of the professionalism of the services provided and for the pursuit of continuous improvement of their operational and management processes.

The management and all the employees, from the operational departments to the administrative and accounting ones, have been trained in the culture of quality and service to meet the expectations and needs of customer’s businesses.